Our guiding principle for excellent design

No matter how a company presents itself on the market, whether reserved, loud or progressive, it always makes statements about itself with the chosen means and media and sends messages – often also unwanted ones.
Companies cannot not communicate.

Visual brand management means knowing the different channels for messages. Each brand touch point is precious and should reflect the corporate goals and brand in its design in the best possible way.

The way in which a brand is “charged” and anchored in people’s minds depends on many factors. The visual preparation and communication of a brand enables sensual and emotional perception and experience.

A well done brand design positions, gives orientation and is positively stored in the minds.

What our visual brand management wants to achieve

perceive it

memorize it

prefer it

The goals of brand management support the corporate goals:

  • win customers
  • bind customers
  • price
  • product
  • sales
  • communication
  • service

»Visual brand management means that design consciously communicates in the sense of the brand.«

Our design disciplines

Cross-media design for integrated brand management

Brand Design

Web Design

Information Design

Print Design

Product Design

Interface Design

Some numbers

Current values on the subject of brands

… of all decisions are made by the subconscious – a brand
works mainly there.



… corresponds to the average share of the brand value in the enterprise value

… of the most important
Leave brand components
communicate themselves through design.