We clarify the specifics of your product or service and make them visually understandable. For this purpose we create illustrations, films or animations. For abstract themes we find pictorial mnemonic trick that contribute to a quick understanding.




MODULE Visual Learning

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Design for the »WOW«-effect

Visual Selling (sales)

Today, products and services are often complex or their special benefits are not visible at first glance. We translate your product idea or accompanying information into an appealing illustration that explains it and inspires your customers. Possible applications become immediately recognizable and your product sells itself independently through the vivid ingenuity of its properties.

Visual Learning (internal)

Whenever complicated connections have to be explained, we develop a clear visual representation and make it easy to understand. Visual Learnings are primarily used internally: For example, when complex projects need to be explained, new strategies need to be communicated to the workforce or guidelines need to be made plausible.

Presentations – The audience is king

Presentations are an integral part of everyday business life but their impact is still underestimated. Far too often, PowerPoint®* only reflects the speaker’s agenda rather than building a relationship with the audience.
We realize presentations that captivate the listener’s senses and make your project a real experience. We create clarity and help your listeners to see what you are saying. In this way, you can establish a connection to people with your content and generate understanding through experience.

*PowerPoint® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation