Brand design finds its essence in the logo, but also includes the consistent design of all points of contact of your product or company. Design, messages and story are skilfully staged and tailored to the medium and target groups.

Elbe Industrietechnik (holding)

fit by ferro (sport/fittness) (legal experts)

PUREBEAU (cosmetic)

fiylo (event locations)

Communicating in the spirit of the brand

Even when evaluating a project, we think in terms of brand strategy. It does not matter what type of company, product or service it is. The brand perspective can significantly increase the success of companies and products.

All communicative content, whether text, image, graphic or moving image, together form a unique frame of reference for the company and its products. Without this frame of reference, products or services are often not differentiating enough and are at the mercy of the price war.

Design results are not random or purely decorative, but pursue a clear task. We understand our design as a visual and emotional translation of strategic goals and values that we have jointly defined.